Basic Training Examinations

The Basic Training Examinations have as target audience the support staff or certifying staff with extensive experience, who wish a license Part 66 or an extension/expansion of its scope of certification.

Basic Training Examinations are available for all categories, and conversions between categories listed.

The Basic Training Examinations’ approval belongs to the requirement 66.A.25 that is in EC Regulation nº 2042/2003, in particular in Part 66 (requirements for basic knowledge).

The application for ask the license may be made to the competent authority by the applicant, after approval in all modules examinations of the category/subcategory, and following the requirements defined in 66.A.30 (requirements for experience). The examination can only happen if the examinee states that he/she is the only responsible in the license’s application on the competent authority (ANAC).

The access to the Modular Preparation Course for Basic Training Examination and Basic Training Examinations is only possible for candidates with a minimum age of 18 years old, at least the 9th grade and EASA Part 66 licenses in the case of examinations and/or conversion courses between categories/subcategories.

For approval on Basic Training Examination the trainee must have at least 75%. The modules shared by Multiple Choice Examination and Development Examination (Modules 7A, 9A and 10), both must have the pass mark not less than 75% for the candidate to be approved in that module.

For further information about Basic Training Examinations, please contact LASFORMAÇÃO-MTO.

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