Basic Training Courses
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Full Basic Training Courses.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Basic Training Courses and Conversion between Categories/Subcategories.
  • Modular Preparation Courses for Basic Training Examination.
Type Training Courses

Type Training Courses are designed to qualify the certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT’s), which means, the holders of category/subcategory A, B1, B2 or C Aircraft Maintenance License.

Type Training Courses qualify technicians in a specific aircraft type, allowing endorse this aircraft in Aircraft Maintenance License EASA Part 66. These qualifications (or qualifications maintenance in the case of refreshments) allow the integration as "Certifying Staff" in an AMO (Aircraft Maintenance Organization) Part 145.

The training programs of the different theoretical and practical type training courses are developed in accordance with what is set out in Part 66 of the EASA.

Other Courses

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