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LAS Training-MTO is a company with Part 147 certification, and its training courses are certified by the Portuguese Civil Aviation (Autoridade Nacional da Aviação Civil - ANAC) and by the European Aviation Authority (European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA). LAS Training-MTO certificated training and examinations are accepted either in Portugal or in EU countries. LAS Training-MTO’s intervention scope is to develop and deliver training according to the training needs of technicians who provide services in LAS-AMO, as well as for other Aircraft Maintenance Organizations that need our training services. LAS Training–MTO, established to provide high quality and cost effective aircraft maintenance training solutions to the industry. 


Aviation industry has experienced deep technological changes as well as on managing policies. Taking into account the demanding standards in this business it is of major importance to invest in policies and high quality training structures aiming the continuous improvement of human resources qualifications. LAS – Aircraft Maintenance Organization (LAS-AMO), the company that provides maintenance services in aviation industry, defined as a relevant strategy for its development and sector implementation, the creation of Maintenance Training Organization, LAS Training-MTO.

Our training facilities are very close to the operating practice since they are located on LAS-AMO bases nearby its maintenance operations with available classrooms for the development of theoretical and laboratory training. In addition, the company has its own and its partner’s classrooms fully equipped to support sustained learning success. Upon our client's  request, we can provide training in national and international facilities. The methods and teaching material used ensure that the learning success takes place in the most satisfactory and effective way that is possible.

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